RMA Form

– Fill in this form in all its parts.
– Wait for RS BILANCE to return to the contacts indicated (via fax or e-mail) the RMA Form complete with RMA NUMBER (Authorization to Return Goods).
– Specify the RMA NUMBER on the delivery note and on the package and include a copy of the complete RMA Form in all its parts together with the goods to be sent for repair (with shipping “carriage paid”).
– In case of lack of the RMA form, or in case of shipment in “carriage forward”, the goods WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
– The return of the repaired/replaced product will take place “carriage paid” to the Customer in the case of an intervention under warranty.

Note RS BILANCE reserves the right to verify the effective right to repair under warranty. In case of paid repair, because it is out of the warranty conditions, an estimate will be submitted for acceptance.

The costs of the outward transport are at your expense. The return of the goods will be made carriage paid. Payment for repair must be made by BANK TRANSFER TO RECEIVING INVOICE.

ATTENTION: The material must be sent without batteries, memories and additional accessories if these are not necessary to identify the problem. Before sending, you must make a complete backup of your data.

In the case of products under warranty, the shipment must be made at the expense of the sender, while the operations relating to the repair and return of the repaired material will be the responsibility of RS BILANCE.
In the case of a defect not found, the management costs of € 80.00 + VAT will be charged for each item examined, even for material under warranty, at the sole discretion of RS BILANCE.

For out-of-warranty repairs, the shipment must be made by the sender; in addition to the spare parts used, a fixed contribution will be required for the management of the case corresponding to € 80,00 + VAT for each product included in the RMA.
This contribution is requested as reimbursement of expenses and includes the following:
– RMA management
– Estimate management
– Technician’s labor for carrying out the repair
– Expenses in case of non-approval of the estimate

There is a 90 day warranty on the replaced parts only.

Repairs with a cost of more than € 150 + VAT for each piece will be the subject of a estimate that will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the customer’s data; those with an equal or lower cost will be carried out without asking for acceptance of the estimate except for special provisions entered in the Notes.
If the estimate is not accepted or if we do not receive your reply within 20 days from the date of issue, the material will be returned with the management costs of € 80,00 + VAT charged.
In the case of a defect not found, the management costs of € 80,00 + VAT will be charged for each single item examined at the sole discretion of RS BILANCE.

Sending the goods implies full acceptance of the above and of the procedures of RS BILANCE.