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Weigh price labeler for the weight, pricing and labeling of products

The GWX Plus 30P is our automatic weight pricing solution with motorized belt for the Food & Beverage and Life Science industry. It is specifically designed for processing prepackaged products and supports fixed and variable weight mode processing. It can process up to a maximum of 30 pieces per minute, and is available in the 230, 275 mm and 320 mm wide versions. The height of the machine is 850 mm, adjustable by +/- 50 mm for possible integration with other lines.

In detail

The GWX Plus 30P is managed by PLC, the belt is closed loop driven by a brushless motor. The structure is made of aluminum and stainless steel carpentry with materials suitable for the treatment of food products, easy to clean and maintain. All on-board systems are designed to operate at temperatures between 0 °C and 40 °C.

Weighing system

The GWX Plus 30P with dynamic weighing has a weighing belt on which products up to 3 kg with a width of 230 mm. The resolution is 1 g, and up to 6 kg with a width 230, 275 and 320 mm. The resolution is 2 g. It complies with the MID directive. The basic software installed in the GWX Plus 30P, (customizable to customer needs), is fully compatible with industry 4.0 requirements. It supports the exchange of information to and from other business management systems, to provide more complex integrations.


The machine can be controlled by a 12-inch resistive touch screen display, which can be used with gloves, pens or stems. The user interface is designed for simple and immediate use. In addition to all the management and diagnostic functions, the operator panel allows the selection of the label format, the display of reports and the export of data on USB support. The functions are protected by password access and user management at levels.

Printing system

The GWX Plus 30P is equipped with a printer for applying adhesive labels containing the weighing data. The label is applied using a compressed air system (air blast). The print resolution is 8 dots per mm (203 dpi). Optionally, a 12 dots per mm (300 dpi) module can be installed. The printer supports labels from 40 x 40 mm up to 100×110 mm, with a maximum width of 104 mm. The application system is fixed to the machine by means of a column positioner which allows the vertical and rotational movement of the printing unit. In addition, the GWX Plus 30P is equipped with software that allows full customization of the label format, both through fixed and variable fields, depending for example on the weight (nutritional values, traceability).


The GWX Plus 30P supports Ethernet, and USB connectivity.

After-sales assistance and maintenance

We provide technical support both in the installation and operational phases. We carry out the annual Periodic Verification in accordance with current legislation (Decree 21 April 2017, n.93).

Fields of use

The GWX Plus 30P is used in the treatment sector of Food & Beverage and Life Science products, ranging from the treatment of products of the food chain, for example fresh and canned.

Additional information

Download and consult the GWX-Plus-30P-EN

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