Verification and calibration starting from high precision scales, with M1 and F1 certified weight sets, up to large industrial bases, dosing systems etc…. This service is aimed at all those who intend to obtain the certification of their scales following the directives given by the ISO 9001 standards. The tests are performed with the use of masses entirely Certified by Accredia.

Release for each instrument of the document called “TEST REPORT”. This document provides for the following written tests performed BEFORE and AFTER maintenance in compliance with the laws:

• Verification of the decentralized load

• Verification of linearity in table format

• Determination of the Repeatability Value

• Verification of Calibration

• Calculation of the calibration uncertainty

Issue of a copy with the relative tests performed and of the Certificates of the masses used for the tests. Control identification label on each instrument indicating the calibration deadline.